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These photos were taken at the observance of the 60th. anniversary of the ill-fated Warsaw Uprising aginst the German occupiers in August and September, 1944. Read the full story.

A special session of the Sejm stands in silence. Later veterans await special decorations in the Reception Hall of the Parliament. Two recipients of Poland's highest honor, "Polonia Restituta", drs Glinski and Zaorski at the reception with the author.
The ashes of the Commander of Warsaw Region, Gen. Chrusciel "Monter"and his wife were brought from Doylestown, PA, to the Warsaw Military Cemetery. Scene from the Memorial Mass at the Military Cathedral.
the Insurgents' Memorial at Krasinski Square. Note the soldier descending into the sewer aided by Chaplain, while woman with child waits.
The flame burns at the Memorial Arch in Insurgents' Square, it was lit by Scouts bringing torches from the 17 main battle areas in Warsaw during the opening concert.
During the concerts the Prudential Building (now Hotel Warszawa) was illuminated in a lighting sequence, which portrayed realistically the shelling and burning of the building in 1944.
Wreaths are laid by veterans of "Kilinski" Battalion at their unit's memorial in Insurgents' Square. This scene was repeated at individual unit memorials all over Warsaw.
Veterans wait at the Unknown Soldier's Tomb for the ceremonial Changing the Guard at noon, August 1.
Colorguards march into position before the Changing the Guard ceremony.
The new guard marches forward.
The new guard is in position. The master of ceremonies reads out the roster of organizations to lay wreaths.
After the Guard is changed, representatives of Polish Veterans Organizations from all over the world line up to lay wreaths.
After the ceremony, the Tomb is buried in wreaths.
A Scout troop leaves the area.
The Warsaw Uprising Museum is being installed in a 100 year old building that has been restored to its original external appearance. The inside is only partly completed, but will be fully open on the aniversary of the Capitulation, Oct. 2.
A portion of the Remembrance Wall with the names of some of the members of the Kilinski Battalion killed in action.
A Canadian Girl Scout standard-bearer.

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