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The Chevy VOLT
an engineering marvel, compared with Prius and Leaf.

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Rear View Visibility

The Chevy VOLT is a gasoline sipper, if it uses any at all. It is a wonderful car to drive. A great engineering achievement.
But some people claim the rear view visibility is poor. I hope these photos dispell that myth.

These pictures were taken in the garage, prior to backing out. You see the driveway and the house across the street. The left mirror is correctly adjusted to avoid any blind spot, that is from the driver seat you do not see the door handles. However, in the picture below the camera was held close to the mirror. Note that the rear-view camera shows all the obstacles in and close to the driveway. Audible warnings sound when you are close to an object, in this case the garage door frame

Looking at the left mirror.

Driver's view in the right mirror.

This is what you see in the optional rear view camera, it turns on automatically when you shift into reverse gear

This is what I see looking over my right shoulder towards the rear.

View in rear view mirror
sorry for poor focus

Here's the beautiful car - silver ice finish

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