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The SYRENA web-site is rapidly growing as a source of information for those considering a visit to Central Europe, or who are interested in its history and current events, maps, photos and suggested itineraries.
50% visit the travel and photo pages.
Close to 20% of its visitors are also interested in sailing in the Caribbean.
Another 15% of its visitors are amateurs looking for easily accessible information on basic web-page design techniques and the intricacies of foreign language characters.
For as little as 1/100 US cent per reader your message can be seen by this selective audience.

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Main index page: $15/month; $35/quarter.
Subject index pages: $10/month; $25/quarter.
Individual pages: $6/month; $15/quarter.
Right hand column - base unit: 150 x 75

Main index page: $10/month; $25/quarter.
Subject index pages: $8/month; $20/quarter.
Individual pages: $4/month; $10/quarter.
Banner 460 x 60; colors optional.
Customer supplied text and icons.
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Because with minimal cost you reach an ever growing number of motivated individual readers, each of whom looks at an average of 7 individual pages.
In April 2005, over 35 000 individual readers visited (more than 1200 each work day), for a total of 268448 hits - double that of April, 2004, and is increasing steadily, month by month. is listed in the top 10 of non-sponsored responses to relevant queries at most popular search sites, such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and Ask Jeeves; for example for query phrases such as (selected at random):

  • central europe travel
  • tour poland by car
  • warsaw photos
  • walking cracow
  • sailing destinations
  • sailing bahamas
  • polish resistance
  • ghetto map
  • salzburg map
  • table of special characters

Some of the top search strings used were: "croatia", "hungary", "warsaw map", "eastern europe", "map of poland", "warsaw ghetto", "html special codes", "Background codes".

For your convenience, payment may be made by Mastercard, Visa card, EBay's PayPal, or international money order. Space is allocated strictly in sequence of order placement.

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