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Bonaire, N.A. - Montego Bay, Jamaica - Grand Cayman - St. Petersburg

By B. C. Biega
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See original story with map and photos at N.W. Caribbean Sleigh Ride.
All photos taken May and June, 2001, by B. C. Biega, except as noted.
    List of contents.
  1. Bonaire ,
  2. Montego Bay,
  3. Jamaica to Grand Cayman,
  4. Grand Cayman to Florida,
  5. St. Petersburg


Skipper in Bonaire (Photo: Rux Tucker)

Owners and skipper enjoy farewell drink.

Plaza Resort, Bonaire

Marina at Plaza Resort.

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Montego Bay

Montego Bay Yacht Club.

Montego Bay Yacht Club.

Jamaican village.

Rafts on the river.

Townhouse Restaurant, Montego Bay.

Eileen bought a bottle of rum at the Townhouse.

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Jamaica to Grand Cayman

Vic at helm, leaving Montego Bay.

North-west coast of Jamaica.

Cloudy sunrise.

Vic at approach to Grand Cayman.

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Grand Cayman to Florida

Hoisting the mainsail.

Midocean swim (Photo: Vic Yarborough.

MahiMahi for lunch (photo: Vic Yarborough).

Doug at the helm.

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St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg Municipal Marina.

Blue heron watches the slip.

The architect's revenge - Little St.Mary.

St. Petersburg anchorage.

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For full story, see N.W.Caribbean Sleigh Ride.

Text and illustrations © 2001 B. C. Biega. All rights reserved.
All photographs by author, except where noted otherwise. Chart drawn by author.
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