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My father, Boleslaw Biega, met my mother Marjorie Thomas in Paris in 1920. These pictures were taken in 1923 in London, where my father was serving at the Polish embassy. A year later my mother died in a tragic swimming accident on the Normandy coast near Caen.
My father marries Baba Seely. I spend several years with her parents at Lincolnshire village Sutton-on-Sea, this photo was taken when I visited in 1938.
In the meantime the twins Lili and Hala Treutler are growing up in Warsaw, here they are with mother Wanda and her twin sister Hanka in 1927.
This picture of my father was taken in New York in 1962.
The picture of Lili's mother Wanda was taken 1n Warsaw in 1941.
In Warsaw occupied by the Nazis Lili and Bill became constant companions. On August 13th, during the 1944 Uprising against the Germans, they married - this picture taken by a news photographer has been seen in many books, magazines and exhibitions.
15 years later, after passing through prison camp, Germany and England, the family is finally settled in Deerfield, Illinois. Seen here in front of their new house with Lili's mother Wanda and sister Hala.
Another 15 years pass and a new generation of Biegas has started.
In 1974 my father meets again with Baba at our house, Peter is with his bride Jeannette and sons Shawn and Brian. Four generations assembled together!
Another 26 years have gone by!
Here we are at Christmas 2000 in our house in N. Brunswick, NJ.
From left: Eileen-Bill-Philip-Lili-Mark-Annette (Peter died in 1994)
And the 9 youngest grandchildren (three oldest didn't come).
In groups, left to right, top to bottom - Philip's children Ryan, Monique - Annette's Brandon, Matthew - Mark's Troy, Jason - Eileen's Erik, Jeffrey, Raymond.
The first wedding of a grandchild. Peter's older son Shawn marries Leigh Parker, August 1997.
All the family gathered together for the celebration in Lake Tahoe. Shawn's younger brother Brian is Best Man.

Shawn and Leigh give us our first greatgrandchild -
Alexander Peter - seen here at 12 months age.

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