Taken during trip to Poland, May 2003
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We went to Poland to attend a reunion of students of the Sulkowski school in Rydzyna, which existed 1928-1939. Lili attends a committee meeting. Later, in Warsaw, several oldsters meet.
Before all the delegates depart, they pose on the steps of Rydzyna Castle. Later Lili and I go for carriage drive in the surrounding country.
We took off on a tour of the ancient cities and castles of northern Polandwhich you will be able to see in a few days on other pages. One of these castles was at Nidzica, 100 miles north of Warsaw. We also reached the amazing shifting sand dunes near Leba on the Baltic coast. They are moving inland several meters a year.
Unfortunately there was a very cold wind blowing, so we couldn't properly enjoy the white sand beaches and resorts (the Grand Hotel of Sopot is seen from the pier) on the Baltic coast.
On our way back to Warsaw we stopped at the summer cottage of Staszek Brzosko, who fought with me in the Underground and the Warsaw Uprising. Later in Warsaw we enjoyed a great dinner with other good friends, the Paryzinskis.
We also met our only remaining relatives in Poland - my cousin Marysia (still working 2 days a week at age of 83), her son Mark Glowinski with wife Renata and her granndchildren - Krzysztof, a junior at WEarsaw University and Olga still in High School.
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