This paragraph uses style ID=intro: center aligned with font specifications.
NOTE that the background color is specified in the "body" element and applies to the entire screen. However, width is specified 650px for easy printing, so all text on the page is arranged to fit in this width.

This paragraph has no special style, Default values apply to all properties.

This paragraph has left and right margins of 15px. NOTE shorthand specification of margins in the following order: top right bottom left. If only two numbers are given, then first number is top and bottom, second number is left and right. Example: 0 10; would specify left and right margins of 10px, top and bottom margins are 0.


You may download this page "csstest1.html" to your own computer hard-drive, so that you can experiment with Style properties and values. Change some values and see how the appearance changes on your screen. Open the page in a plain-text editor, such as "Notepad", which is included with the Microsoft Windows operating system, or one of the better text editors, such as the free Notepad++ .
Change some values, then use "Save As" to save with a different name, such as "csstesta.htm" You can then open the page with your browser and see how the changes you made look on the screen.
If it doesn't work, or doesn't look like you wanted, don't despair! Carefully check for any typing errors. Style specifications are very sensitive - even a misplaced comma can prevent them from working properly.

To download a file to your computer, in most browsers click on "File" in the top bar, then select "Save As" and follow instructions. It is best to set up a special folder for downloading such files, otherwise they are hard to find when you need them. Warning! Make sure your Anti-virus software is working and up-to-date before you download any file to your computer!.
To open a file in most browsers you use [Control][O], then browse through the folder in which you saved the revised document, and select it. It will then appear on your screen.

Please send your comments and questions to syrenab@bizland.com. Put CSS in the subject line and your questions will be answered promptly.
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