How to rebuild damaged file system in COREL Linux
In most other distributions, similar situation may occur.

This problem might occur, if for some reason LINUX was terminated improperly (for example power failure, or inadvertedly you turned off computer without going through normal Logout procedure).

You reboot, and get a screen with message "fsck failed. Please repair manually. CONTROL-D will exit from this shell and continue system startup". You are in console mode, the prompt is waiting for your input. Panic! What to do?
You press CONTROL-D, your computer reboots and then the same screen reappears!

The following procedure will usually repair your file system.

Here's How:
  1. If asked for root password: Type your root password - press ENTER
  2. At prompt Type: fsck /dev/hdax (where x = number of your root directory - see Note below) - press ENTER
  3. Wait and you will see a series of messages, starting with "Pass 1: Checking inodes, blocks and sizes"
  4. You will finally receive request for input, for example:"Pass 4: checking reference counts, Unattached inode xxxxx, Connect to /lost-found <y>?"
  5. Type: y - press ENTER
  6. You will receive a long string of messages, for example: " ..... count is ...., should be ...., fix <y>?"
  7. After each message, type: y - press ENTER
  8. Finally you will get message: "/dev/hdax *** file system was modified ***" followed by statistics of number of files, blocks etc.
  9. At prompt, type: exit - press ENTER
  10. System will reboot, hopefully successfully and normal splash screen will reappear. Your problem has been fixed!
  1. Depending upon the number of partitions in your system, your LINUX root directory may be /dev/hda1, /dev/hda2 or /dev/hda3. If you placed LINUX on a second hard drive, it might be /dev/hdb1 or /dev/hdb2