PART 1 - South East - Kazimierz, Zamosc, Lancut, Sanok
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Take a tour of some charming small towns south east of Warsaw. Here are some photos of places you should see - Kazimierz Dolny, Zamość (Zamosc), Łancut, Sanok.
They will give you an appreciation of the beauty of smaller Polish towns with a rich cultural history. See South Poland Tour 2002 for more details, places to stay, how to get there.

On the road south from Warsaw, pass Gora Kalwaria and stop briefly in Czersk at the ruins of the 13th. century castle of the Mazovian princes. Get the key to the Bastion from the attendant, climb up for great views.
Kazimierz Dolny is just south of Puławy. It is a charming, small 17th. cent. town in the Vistula valley. From the Market Square look up towards the parish church. It houses the oldest operating organ in Poland, built 1612.
There are many richly decorated Baroque houses in the town, all built in its Golden Age - the 1600s. The finest examples are the two Przybyla houses in the Market Square (Rynek).
Zamość, in south-eastern Poland, is a fortified, Renaissance town built from scratch by Hetman Jan Zamoyski in in the mid-16th century. The Baroque town hall dominates the Great Market, which is surrounded by arcaded houses of the period.
The most beautiful houses are those of Armenuan merchants, which now house the Regional Museum full of precious artwork. The town is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Visit the magnificent churches and original fortifications.
The town of Łancut is best known for the magnificent Baroque Palace and park created by Prince Lubomirski in the 17th. century. The palace was originally surrounded by a moat.
Acquired by the Potocki family in the 19thC., it remains untouched by the ravages of war. There are magnificent collections of art and furniture. See the magnificent ballroom and the collection of over 100 carriages and sleighs.
Sanok, in the far south-eastern corner of Poland, is a starting place for excursions into the wild Bieszczady mountains. Visit the large park which contains many examples of local folk architecture and old wooden churches. The small 15thC. castle contains a wonderful collection of Icons collected from all over southern Poland.

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