2010 Biega Family Reunion
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During the Biega Family Reunion in Colorado in August 2010, we drove to many beautiful sites, and hiked along interesting trails in Rocky Mountain National Park.
The highest continous paved road in North America, the 40 mile (64km) Trail Ridge Road, US 34, crosses the Continental Divide from Estes Park to Grand Lake and reaches an elevation of 12,183ft (3,713m.)
Beautiful Bear Lake, in the park, is easily accessible by car. From it there are many trails, some short and easy, others longer and more strenuous. The most ambitious hike is to the top of Long's Peak, 14,259 feet (4,346 m), an all day 15 mile (24km) adventure. The younger members of our group settled for the shorter 9 mile (14km) hike to Chasm Lake, 11,760ft (3,584m.) The lake nestles at the foot of the spectacular east wall of Long's Peak.
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 Views from Trail Ridge Road:, from left to right:
The Mummy Mountain Range to the north,
Overlooking Hidden Valley,
Mt. Terra Tomah and Forest Lake
 From the Alpine Visitor Center, just west and below the high point Trail Ridge Road, facing north-east we enjoy a panorama of the valley. You can just see the line of the old one-way gravel road climbing up the slopes. panorama
 Near the peak of Trail Ridge Rd, lava cliffs loom over a patch of snow and ice.
Bear lake provides gorgeous views of the mountains, including Long's Peak 14,259ft (center photo) and Hallett Peak 12,713ft (right photo).
Lava cliff Long's Peak over Bear Lake Hallett Peak over Bear Lake
 A trail from Bear Lake leads past Bierstadt Lake on the way down to Halowell Park parking lot.
Leaving in the chill of the early morning from the Long's Peak trailhead on a hike to Chasm Lake.
On the way we pass the beautiful, aptly named Peacock Pool.
Bierstadt lake hikers Peacock pool
 The Chasm Lake and Long's Peak trails run together for three miles, until they are above the tree line with fantastic views
After separating the Lake trail crosses a rushing stream.
Sheer cliffs rise above Chasm Lake.
 The aerial tram from Estes Park to Mt.Propect 8,900ft(2,713m)
view from Mt.Prospect toward Long's Peak

On way home, a glimpse of Garden of Gods (near Colorado Springs) - too bad, no sun.

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