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The Baroque Castle in Rydzyna is one of the largest palaces in western Poland.   Beautifully restored, it is now a Hotel and Conference Center.  Its interesting history spans six centuries.   In the 1930s it housed a prestigous boarding school.

The west face of the castle is seen as you approach from the town. The main entrance is from the north. Trees that have grown up in later years partly obscure its gracious lines.
The elaborate 18th. century gateway welcomed visitors in the old days, when this was the main entrance for arriving guests. A different face is seen approaching from the park in the east.
The castle and the park are surrounded by moats with a total length of over 2km. The park provides many miles of romantic walks or rides among ancient trees.
Most of the chambers on the second floor have been fully restored to their original Baroque opulence. The largest is the Ball Room with its remarkable ceiling fresco. The Sea Room, named for the figures of marine creatures on the cornice, has the most beautiful inlaid floor.
The town was built by the same architects as the castle. It is the best preserved 18th century small town in Poland.
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