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The media continually remind us of the Holocaust. However, they forget that over a million non-Jewish Poles perished in concentration camps, summary executions and in the continuing fight of the Polish Resistance Movement during World War II. Only in Poland itself is the memory kept alive.
Although the resistance continued throughout the country, the largest number of memorials is found in Warsaw, which was the center of the movement. The city itself was almost totally destroyed as a result of the tragic Uprising of 1944.
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All over Warsaw you can find shrines at sites of executions, and battles of various units of the Resistance. Even after 60 years, they are always decorated with fresh flowers. The Nike monument, towering over the East-West Throughway Al. Solidarności, commemorates all the heroes and heroines of Warsaw. Shrine Heroes memorial
The Warsaw Uprising 0f 1944 ended tragically. The Insurgents Memorial at Krasinski Square consists of two groups. The smaller group is shown retreating through the sewer, note the woman carrying a child. Insurgents Memorial Insurgents Memorial
The most poignant of all the statues is that of the Little Soldier, reminding us that young boys and girls fought alongside their older brothers. Close by, the statue of the fighting shoe-maker Kilinski commemorates another Uprising 150 years earlier. Little Soldier Kilinski Statue
The victims of all the Nazi concentration camps are remembered by the large memorial in the Powązki Cemetery. All the members of the Polish Resistance throughout Poland are honored by the newest memorial, erected in 2000 across the street from the Parliament Building (Sejm). Concentration Camp Victims Resistance Memorial
Let us not forget that an equal number died at the hands of the Soviets. The 10,000 Polish officers murdered in the Katyn camp are honored by a memorial in the Powązki Cemetery. Near the Gdansk Station, another monument remembers those that perished in Soviet prisons and Gulags. Katyn Siberia Memorial
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